Visionary objects, Visionary goals

The real estate market in Germany is full of potential–and we’re right at the heart of it. We operate within the Rhein-Main and the most prestigious areas of Frankfurt. With high-end properties, an excellent infrastructure and very low interest rates.

This we cover with our long experience on the international market.In the various areas of the real estate we deliver qualitative work on point. An open and transparent communication with our clients is key – and minimises the risks on both sides. Since properties on the German market are known to be a safe investment, it’s still feels good to be in the right hand.

We are particularly interested in extraordinary and architectonically thrilling projects in the Rhein-Main area. Our focus lies on Frankfurt City with its famous financial district and one of the biggest creative industries in Germany: It’s among the top investments cities within the country. We renovate and refurbish all our luxurious objects with the help of reliable experts and designers. We are specifically looking for quality and –standing in line with the country’s tradition– an efficient attitude about timing.

Aesthetics provide the structure of our projects, local expertise is our inner framework. We work transparently and reliably. For best return rates and low risk investments.

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About us

Worldwide experience, local networks

With expertise in various areas of the real estate, we understand the local background of the market in Frankfurt and the whole area of Rhein-Main. Our real estate of mind shapes our thinking to form prestigious decisions, which we gladly provide our clients with. For the lowest risks and the highest returns on the German market.

We are experts in real estate development, construction work, property management, financing and design. Originally from Dubai, we feel right at home within the area of Rhein-Main. We have a fast information structure and consult clients with our knowledge way above the standard. Like this, we make sure each party grows from each and every project.

We work work exclusively and with great expertise. We pay respect to the quality work and time efficiency on the German market as we inherit their work ethics. Architectonic aesthetics are important to us, which you’ll see in our luxurious properties. We treat projects consciously and with an international real estate of mind. Within the Rhein-Main area, the metropolis Frankfurt is our core business. It is known for the best investments on the German market.

This is how our mindset looks on paper. If you’d like to know more about our daily business. don’t hesitate to contact us.



Our founder | Farhad Azizi

A real believer with a real estate of mind. Constantly breaking traditional thinking. Always going further as ever before.

With this attitude, he became Azizi Development’s CEO at an early age–and is still Vice Chairman of the Azizi’s Group subsidiary. Responsible for the overall operation, he dedicated his career to the company’s growth on Dubai’s highly competitive market. In 2013, he became Vice Chairman and Vice President of Azizi Investments and Corporate Banking Executive at Azizi Bank. He was President of the Onyx Construction Company in Afghanistan and Board Member of Bakhtar Bank.

In all this time, he identified the business needs of his customers and enforced them in a politically and economically complex setting. His mindset ensured the success of Azizi Developments in a short amount of time.

With these skills at hand, he is now bound to enter the upcoming German real estate market with his very own project: FMA GmbH. With experience. Devotion. And a passion for the craft.

Farhad Azizi has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Languages from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He finished his Master’s in Business Administration at Suffolk Boston University, Massachusetts. He is fluent in English, Pashto and Farsi with conversational skills in Arabic, Russian, German, French and Hindi.


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We are ideally positioned in the Rhein-Main area. Our core business lies in the worldwide acclaimed financial district in Frankfurt City. With high-end prestige projects set in top exclusive locations. Click into our gallery and start your virtual viewing tour in the best areas right now.


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